Fading Memories

This project aims to articulate how our memories are fading away as time goes by.

Evoking someone’s face we know but have not seen for months, years or sometimes for even decades sounds easy, but when we try to remember details of their faces we usually fail. There is a feeling rather than a visual memory. We might be able to remember particular facial features or a movement, but not the whole detailed picture of their face.

As a Hungarian living in the UK for 5 years, being not able to see my friends and family often and realised that I started to loose my memories of their faces. That lead me to carry out a resarch on memories. From my previous experiences I knew that memory fading was one of the main cause that evoked post mortem photography in the Victorian era. Regarding to that I extended my research on contemporary photographic practice. Timothy Pakron’s „Silver Drips” project has the biggest influence on my practice. I photographed my family members and friends in Hungary for this project. Used 35mm balck and white film and created the prints with ’uneven’ development darkroom technique, to represent this fragmentation of memory. Instead of using the traditional photographic development technique I was painted back the facial features by hand to challenge the spectator’s evaluation.

The originals are individual hand-painted gelatin silver prints (16x20 inches)