'Onto a Margin of a Passion'

This project ispired by the grief and grinding feeling that follows a break up. The images tend to depict the haunting presence of the beloved who is not part of our life anymore.


'Onto a Margin of a Passion'

A small child along the seashore
will always find among the plenty a pebble
that’s been his since times immemorable,
and could never belong to anyone else.

He clutches the unlosable so tightly!
In his hand his whole heart is throbbing,
the stone is so one and only in his fist,
with it he became, too, so lonely.

He can’t ever again get rid of it.
Turns towards the sea, throws it far away.
No sound can be heard of this mute breakup,
still the whole sea rumbles it back in dismay.

János Pilinszky

(trans. Katalin N.Ullrich)