Memory Mapping

‘Memory Mapping’ is an ongoing video installation project that explores the phenomenon of false memories.

‘Who am I? Where I am from? What I have been through? What I have seen?’ – We, human beings strongly relying on our memory to answer these questions. Even though everyone is aware of that we are forgetting some details from time to time or sometimes not remembering of certain events at all. But even the mere potential that some of our memories might never even happen is terrifying. How much can we trust our memories? How could we recognize which one of our memories is false and which one is real?

The existence of false memories offers the possibility that our identity, the picture of ourselves of who we are and what past events had impact on our lives could be partly or entirely wrong. That creates the uncertainty of our own identity.

The small scale installation has built inside the wall. As only one person can watch the video at the time it creates an intimate environment between the viewer and the work. The spectator can engage with the work in a different way as it is immerse their gaze and attention.

The work suggest that the spectator that what they are seeing a real cluster of someone’s memories. The concept comes from the idea of how we perceive our own false memories. Or more likely –how we do not recognize them at all. Thus parts of the footage are generated and directed carefully edited while other parts are real memories. That is in order to create the feeling of watching segments of real memories, but just like real life we cannot distinguish between real and false memories. The entire footage intended to create the feeling that the viewer is travelling through a kind of memory highway where memories are not consciously evoked by a person but showed as they are might stored - without any selection. There is no difference between big or small, intimate or unconcerned, consciously evoked or random memory images.